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Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance Kent

For many years now, Total Contracting Services have been carrying our air conditioning servicing and maintenance in Orpington and Kent. Catering to both home and business owners, our team have a wealth of experience in servicing and providing maintenance for air con systems. Our team are confident to say that we can complete any servicing, maintenance, or repairs on most makes and models of air con units. So, if you require an air conditioning service or air con maintenance in Orpington, Kent, and the surrounding areas, look no further than Total Contracting Services.

Local Air Conditioning Experts in Kent

As one of the leading air con specialists in Orpington and Kent, Total Contracting Services are here to complete your service and maintenance of your air con. We want to ensure that your air conditioning is working as it should, if not, we want to find out why. Our main aim as air con experts in Orpington, Kent is to provide the best air conditioning service to all our clients. Starting with the installation through to maintaining the system of your air con, we want to ensure everything is OK. This is one of the reasons why we believe we’re first choice for many in search of Kent Air Conditioning.

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Is Your Air Con Service Due?

If so, Total Contracting Services can complete your service in a fast and efficient manner. We understand that your air con may not always be your priority, so we’ll always do our best to complete the service as soon as possible, and maintain the systems’ performance. By doing so, we will give you one less thing to worry about, as well as ensure everything is operating smoothly within the system itself.

Don’t put off having your air conditioning system serviced and come to Total Contracting Services who offer quick and professional air conditioning servicing in Orpington and Kent.

Air Conditioning

Quick & Professional: Air Con Servicing &amp Maintenance Kent

Here at Total Contracting Services, our team are here to take care of all your air con servicing and maintenance in Orpington, Kent, and the surrounding areas. No matter if you have had your air con installed by us or not, we can still complete the service or maintenance work. We are happy to help anyone in Orpington or Kent who require a professional air con service or maintenance. Simply contact our team today for more information or to book your air con service in with Total Contracting Services.

With our experience, we would like to think of ourselves as experts at what we do. So much so, there has yet to be a job that we’ve not been able to complete. So, if you’re looking for a team of reliable and reputable air conditioning specialists in Orpington or Kent, Total Contracting Services are the team to call. We will work with your needs in hand, whilst also ensuring that your air con has been professionally serviced and maintained.

For more information about our air conditioning services or to learn more about Total Contracting Services, be sure to visit our About Us page.

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Common Air Conditioning Problems

If your air conditioning has become faulty or worse, broken you may not be alone. After time, your air con system can experience problems, but Total Contracting Services are here to put them right. Some of the most common air conditionings problems we face include…

  • Failing to start
  • Leaking water
  • System or unit not turning off
  • System or unit starting up then cutting off
  • Failing to cool
  • Strange noises or smells

These are just some of our most common air conditioning problems. If your issue has not been mentioned above, don’t worry as we can still help. Get in touch with our team today, explain your problem and we will then do our utmost to resolve the problem you’re experiencing.

Your Questions Answeredn

How often should I get my air con maintained?

Depending on both commercial and domestic use, the length of time in which your air con maintenance is due can vary. So that we can provide the most accurate time scale for your air con unit, we ask that you contact our team today.

How much is an air con service or maintenance?

All the work we provide is based on an individual basis. So that we can ensure the most cost effective pricing, we price both our air con servicing and air con maintenance individually. Call our team today for your FREE quote.

What are the benefits of having your air con serviced?

We understand that over time the maintenance you spend on your air con decreases, but having your unit serviced is still very important. Some of the benefits of having your air con serviced include: saving money, improved functioning from current system, and can avoid any future issues.

For all your air con needs across Orpington, Kent and the surrounding areas, Total Contracting Services are the team to choose. Waste no time in contacting our team today for your air conditioning maintenance and servicing.

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