Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration Services

Here at Total Contracting Services, our team have years of experience in providing refrigeration maintenance for commercial fridges and chillers across Kent. From small businesses to large, our team are here to take care of the maintenance for you. We will work with you to complete the maintenance on your refrigerator and chiller, giving you as a business owner one less thing to worry about.

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Refrigeration Services for Businesses in Kent

We understand that the world of business is very high speed, so things like refrigerator maintenance may not always be the first thing on your mind. But it is ours, we want to take care of your maintenance and ensure that everything is running smoothly. So, if your refrigerator or cooler is due its maintenance, look further than Total Contracting Services. We’re here to help cater to your needs. Total Contracting Services are here for you when you require Kent Refrigeration Maintenance.

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Refrigerator and Chillers: Maintenance

If your refrigerator or chiller requires maintenance work, look no further than Total Contracting Services. Our team are proud to serve Orpington, Kent and the surrounding areas. We have been offering our refrigerator and cooler maintenance in Orpington and Kent for many years now and are here to help your business. From a small refrigerator in an office to coolers in a restaurant, we want to ensure that they are operating as planned, and without any problems. Whilst completing your refrigerator maintenance we will check and maintain many things including…

  • The condition of the condenser coils (clean where necessary)
  • Change or replace the water filter
  • Check and defrost operation on freezers (where necessary)
  • Check the door seals
  • Check freeze smart controls
  • Check the temperature

These are just a few examples of the maintenance checks we will cover on your refrigerator or cool. So that we can ensure the best performance and results with your refrigerator, we advise that you have regular maintenance checks completed. By doing so, our team will be able to check for any issues on the refrigerator whilst also maintaining all aspects of the system. For more information on our services or to book your refrigerator maintenance in Orpington or Kent, please call Total Contracting Services today, and we can arrange a suitable time to complete the maintenance.

Professional & Reputable: Refrigeration Maintenance Kent

Let Total Contracting Services take control of your refrigeration maintenance by contacting our team today. We will work closely with you and your business needs to ensure the best service for all. As business owners ourselves, we understand that things can take priority over maintenance and servicing work, but we’re here to reverse that. We want to take care of all your refrigeration maintenance in Orpington and Kent, so that you can get one with what really matters to you, your business.

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Providing Refrigeration Solutions to Businesses in Kent

Total Contracting Services have been providing refrigeration solutions to businesses in Kent for many years now, so no matter the size of the cooler you require, we can help. Having worked with a large number of clients in the Orpington and Kent area, we will do our utmost to best advise you. Using our skillset and experience, we will be able to suggest the right refrigerator for you and then provide advice regarding on going servicing and maintenance. After all, it’s our goal to help our clients wherever possible, as we understand the world of business is constantly changing and growing.

Waste no time in contacting Total Contracting Services today to arrange your refrigerator maintenance in Orpington or Kent. We’re here to ensure that your refrigerator is smooth running and completely meets your requirements.

Your Questions Answered

How much does refrigerator maintenance cost?

Here at Total Contracting Services, we have a vast range of refrigerators and coolers available. Therefore, the price of our maintenance service is priced on an individual basis. For us to provide the most competitive quote, we ask that you call us to discuss the cost of our refrigerator maintenance service.

What businesses need commercial refrigerators?

In our experience, some of the most common industries and businesses we have worked with include: restaurants, bars, supermarkets, cafes, hotels, and takeaway shops.

If your business requires a new refrigerator or maintenance on your current cooler, look no further than Total Contracting Services. Our team can help. Simply call us today on 01227 277719 for your FREE quote.

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